Thursday, May 23, 2024

Man proves tea is more dangerous than beer

A Suffolk man is urging people to avoid drinking tea after proving it is an “evil substance” and far more dangerous than beer.

Steve Walshe, 35, made his astonishing discovery on Friday after downing ten pints of beer in the pub while his girlfriend sat at home drinking tea.

He explained: “I drank a load of beer and got home at about 2am.

“Meanwhile, Lorraine had been drinking just tea at home and you should have seen how angry and agitated she was when I got in.

“I was feeling calm and relaxed and went to bed, but she was shouting and screaming, and waving her arms around all night.

“She was still at it the next morning.”

Steve, a builder from Lowestoft, said his partner’s shock reaction to the tea was a warning to others.

“Please, ladies,” he said, “if you can’t handle your tea, just don’t drink it.”

His long-suffering partner, Lorraine Fisher, 34, replied: “I’ve thrown the teapot at his head.

“That’s how dangerous tea can be.”

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