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Statement: Suffolk Gazette avoids use of covfefe

The Suffolk Gazette moved today to reassure readers it does not use negative covfefe.

US President Donald Trump caused an internet sensation overnight when he Tweeted his annoyance at the “constant negative press covfefe”.


But a spokesman for Britain’s leading local newspaper, the Suffolk Gazette said: “We would like to make clear we avoid the use of covfefe, especially negatively.

“Covfefe is an outdated journalistic practice that has no place in the modern media, and Mr Trump was entirely correct to call it out.”


The President made his astute observation just after midnight Washington time this morning, then appears to have gone to bed without further elaboration. His Tweet remains on his Twitter account at the time of going to press.

The Suffolk Gazette spokesman insisted no more needed to be said. “Covfefe is now out in the open as a bad thing. We are happy to distance ourselves from it.”

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