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British Airways offers free Bank Holiday breaks

Heathrow airport

Holidaymakers are being offered the chance of an exclusive free Bank Holiday break with British Airways.

The airline is taking bookings for a three-day holiday at Heathrow Airport (above)… and it won’t cost you a penny!


A BA spokesman said: “We came up with the idea after this weekend’s unfortunate problems for travellers who found themselves stranded. There was an atmosphere of camaraderie with families having animated chats with other families, and honeymooners and backpack students swapping tales of their bravado.

“Hundreds were sleeping on the floor using their flight bags as pillows, and we decided to offer people the chance to do the same for the August Bank Holiday.

“They can just turn up with or without suitcases and find a seat or bench to kip on for the three days.


“There is no language problem and there are a wealth of cafes and bars and restaurants within walking distance and plenty of floor space for those who want to stretch out for a good night’s sleep.

“This is a unique opportunity for those who want a different sort of break. The only snag will be crying children and perhaps long queues for the toilet.

“We are expecting a huge response from people who don’t want to actually go anywhere.”

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