Monday, July 15, 2024

Racist jam jars pulled from supermarket shelves

Racist jam jar with Arabic headdress
Racist jam jar

Thousands of jam jars are being removed from supermarkets across the UK because they are dressed as Arabs.

The jars of tasty strawberry and blackcurrant preserves sparked outrage for being racist because they appear to be wearing a colourful keffiyeh.

The traditional headdress is worn in many parts of the Middle East, especially the Persian Gulf.

British Culture Ministry spokesperson Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “These jam jars clearly have racist overtones.

“It’s the same as a country like Kuwait selling its pickle jars with a bowler hat on top. We wouldn’t like it.”

An Arabic gentleman wearing a traditional keffiyeh

Tens of thousands of jam jars are being recalled and will be replaced with metal screw tops.

It’s the biggest scandal to hit jam and pickles industry since Norfolk woman Edna Spratt tried to steal a rival’s prize chutney recipe.

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