Saturday, June 1, 2024

Use your pumpkins to feed starving kids this half-term, insists Government

use halloween pumpkins to feed starving children

The Government has buckled under the pressure of the free kids’ meals debate by suggesting we donate our Halloween pumpkins to starving children.

Downing Street wants all pumpkins sent immediately to food banks so that youngsters unable to eat can feast instead on pumpkin soup, pie – and tasty pumpkin fennel and Taleggio galette.

A Government minister leaked the new announcement hours ahead of a speech by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“Imagine if these millions of pumpkins, with their appetising and versatile orange flesh, were available to feed all the starving children?” the minister said.

“Surely Marcus Rashford can’t complain about that?

“But, no, everyone will waste money on a silly carving while the kid down the road wastes away.”

Child health campaigner Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “This is the most ridiculous thing the Government has come up with yet.”

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