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Police quiz Prince Philip over hotel digger rampage

By Hugh Dunnett, Crime Correspondent

Prince Philip faces further questions over his driving after taking a digger for a spin in Liverpool.

Workers watched in amazement as the digger went out of control and smashed down the front of a Travelodge hotel.

The Duke of Edinburgh, 97, claimed he was dazzled by the sun and smashed into the hotel lobby.

He walked away unhurt from the crash, just days after his Range Rover turned over in an accident in Norfolk.

Liverpool hotel builder Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “I was just laying some bricks when there was this almighty crash.

“Next minute there is a terrible commotion as this digger is ripping up everything in the hotel lobby.

“Only then did we realise Prince Philip was at the wheel. And he wasn’t even wearing a seatbelt.

“He probably shouldn’t be driving at his age.”

Police will question the Prince, who was unhurt in the accident.

The news comes just days at the Prince was named as a new driver for the Williams F1 team.

It is believed Prince Philip was on a private visit to Liverpool to view building work at a Travelodge hotel.

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