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P&O Ferries reveals new cost-cutting fleet

New P&O Ferries vessel
New P&O Ferries vessel

These are the new flagship vessels to be used by cost-cutting company P&O Ferries.

Just a day after making 800 crew redundant to replace them with cheap agency workers, the company unveiled its new fleet.

The new vessels are a much cheaper version of the original giant, roll-on, roll-off ferries that transported passengers and freight across the high seas.

Owned in Dubai, the company used to take 10 million passengers a year and 15% of freight cargo in and out of the UK.

In a video message to shocked investors, senior managers revealed images of the new ferries and said they would be much cheaper to run and only one or two cheaper foreign workers were needed on each one.

Company spokesperson Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “Our new efficient fleet will be ideal for taking your car and family on holiday to France.

“Or, simply use our crane to drop your container on board and away we go.”

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