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Pingu whitewashes past at Chinese laundry

Pingu whitewashes past at Chinese laundry

Has-been children’s TVs Penguin, ‘Pingu’ is running a Chinese laundry in Antarctica to make ends meet.

The one-time pre-school favourite has been running Pingu’s Laundry.ever since his hit telly show was unexpectedly cancelled in 2006, leaving him stony broke.

Pingu (36) from West Berlin, Germany, is best known for getting up to no good with his best friend Robby,.sister Pinga, and girlfriend, Pingi over 157 cold, caper-filled episodes which ran worldwide for sixteen years from 1990.

However, having squandered his fortune on cordon bleu krill, squids, and fishes,. and with other stop-motion, clay animals stepping into his shoes.

.Pingu has been forced to return to his family’s traditional trade.of washing and ironing the clothes and bedsheets of more prosperous and enduring celebrities such as Morph, Wallace & Grommet, and Shaun the Sheep.

Sprechen sie Chinese?

Chinese laundry, services were first introduced to the US.and Canada by Chinese immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Poverty and a lack of English language skills prevented the Chinese from obtaining more gainful employment. Conditions in the laundries were poor and the launderers were forced to wash, scrub and iron up to sixteen hours a day.

We contacted Robby, Pingu’s former best friend and co-star and asked him where things went so badly wrong for his old chum. “chramalachanangachlang, Nachlanga damachanga lamancha, womanizer, Noot Noot! Hatachamanchalacha hamanglchanka, forgot who his friends were, damana lachanga underage sex scandal, Noot Noot! Famahadan, amanchalanada, naked romp at Michael Barrymore’s house, Noot Noot!”

Pingu was not available to comment.

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