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USA shoots down Chinese boy’s party balloon

USA shoots down Chinese boy’s party balloon

The U.S.A. military has shot down a 9-year-old Chinese boy’s birthday party balloon.

The country’s national missile defence system,.which was wholly ineffective against three massive jumbo jets when the U.S.A.was attacked by Saudi Arabia on 9th September 2011, redeemed itself by hitting the helium balloon almost first time.

Chinese boy, Chang Wang Lee, who lives with his family in Whitefish,.Montana was celebrating his birthday with friends and relatives.when he released the balloon into the sky to the wonderment of those present. According to partygoers, clapping, cheering, and whooping filled the air as the 12ft spherical balloon rose elegantly above the happy gathering.

Shanghai in the sky

Impressed guests risked cricking and ricking as they strained craned necks to watch.the helium-filled rubber orb ascend into the beautiful sun-filled Montana skies. Eyes squinted as the doomed balloon rose above rows and rows of those gathered below.

Chinese takeaway

And then…. BOOM! A ground-based interceptor missiles which appeared to come from nowhere,.intercepted Lee’s harmless balloon, ripping it into a thousand singed rubber particles that scattered across a 25-mile radius around Whitefish.

Understandably, Chinese boy, Lee and some of the other children at the party. began to cry at the distressing sight of his birthday balloon being annihilated by the US’s military-industrial complex. Some of the adults present, especially the men, began to shout and wave their fists in the general direction of the airborne explosion.

However, later on, after the rubber had settled and the fun and games resumed, Little Chang Wang and his friends appeared to have forgotten all about the earlier traumatic event as they happily tucked into some tasty-looking spicy bat wings and greasy Pangolin burgers.

A spokesperson for the US military told the Suffolk Gazette that the balloon had been identified as a U.F.O and as such posed a serious threat to national security. It was destroyed in accordance with security protocols introduced as part of the ‘Grasshopper’ defence strategy introduced by President Donald Trump in 2019.

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