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The future of the iGaming industry – expert opinion

Despite iGaming restrictions in Norway, the industry has continued to grow in popularity over the decades. One might ask the question, ‘What is iGaming?’. The industry consists predominantly of online sports betting and casino gaming amongst others. Gone are the days of frequenting land-based casinos to play bingo or blackjack.

Gambling has been forced into the home, and it’s comfortable there. You’re either reading this article because you’ve been marched out of the casinos due to the Covid-19 lockdowns or a regular gambler looking for news on how to have a better experience online.

This article aims to highlight the future of the iGaming industry in Norway in terms of laws, regulations and restrictions. We’ll also look at new trends and service providers to look out for in 2021, like Helt nytt casino. There’s much to be excited about.

IGaming trends to look out for in 2021

The general online gambling experience has improved for players as competition has increased. We’ve spoken to expert Chris Haagensen about what the future holds for the industry. Here’s a list of four things to expect in 2021:

1. More casino options and value for money

More online casinos have emerged in 2021, which has presented numerous options in terms of service providers. Increased competition between gambling operators means increased value for money for you.

It also means better welcome bonuses and new experiences when you try a different casino. The Helt nytt casino is an example of such a service provider currently offering a top-notch service to online gamblers. This casino has a user-friendly website and a multitude of bonuses. You’ll also find the sign-up process straightforward.

2. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

New gaming technology for 2021 includes virtual reality and augmented reality. These technology advancements provide for better viewing and gaming quality, which is a much-needed upgrade for consumers. Virtual reality headsets make you feel as though you’re somewhere else as soon as you put them on. It’s just like being in the casino! Augmented reality apps and headsets add layers to the gameplay and different dimensions to your reality.

3. Cryptocurrencies

Alongside credit cards and money transfers, cryptocurrencies have become acceptable on some gambling platforms. This is fantastic news for players, as some of the existing banking restrictions in Norway stop residents from using their accounts for online gambling.

An increase in gambling operators allowing crypto deposits could open up a more comprehensive selection of products and services for Norwegian players without being blocked by the banks.

Check your preferred gambling website’s payment methods to see if this is a reality already. If you have cryptocurrency at your disposal, you might be in luck.

4. Play on your mobile device

You can have an excellent time gambling on your mobile phone and the experience keeps getting better with technology. Most service providers have this option available to members, and the level of quality is improving all the time. These operators might also have apps that make your experience more efficient and rewarding, so you can now play seamlessly on the go.

Facts You Should Know About Norway’s Gambling Laws and Regulations

Gambling in Norway is controlled through the State, although there are no regulations blocking players gambling online. Some claim that the current restrictions are illegal according to European Union policies, but Norway has challenged this. Although private iGaming operators are permitted to partake in the industry, they do face the following limitations:

  1. Norsk Tipping AS and Foundation Norsk Risktoto have the majority rights to provide gambling services in Norway.
  2. A certain percentage of profits must be donated to charitable and noble causes.

The government has set these to ensure that Norwegian people’s social and financial well-being is preserved. This is because gambling, in general, has been proven to present some psycho-social challenges over the decades globally.

The verdict

The good news is that despite the restrictions mentioned above, you can continue to choose the service providers that you desire and enjoy a spectacular experience from the comfort of your home. Future gaming technology is projected to improve every year, and the onus is on the consumer to enjoy gambling responsibly.

Whether gambling will ever return to physical buildings again is yet to be determined, but we’re happy to at least have it indoors in the comfort of our homes. We think it’s safe to raise a glass to a more convenient, comfortable and high-quality iGaming experience in 2021.

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