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Gran finds another painting of Jesus ‘worth $450 million’

New painting of Jesus

Suffolk grandmother Beryl Lynch claims she has uncovered another painting of Jesus worth $450 million, it has emerged.

Mrs Lynch made the incredible discovery days after a Leonardo da Vinci portrait of Christ sold for the jaw-dropping figure at auction.


“I was looking in a skip in Halesworth yesterday when I saw the picture of Jesus poking out from under an old lawn mower.

“Only hours earlier I had read about the da Vinci selling for $450 million, and then this image came to me.

“I’m not religious at all, but this was a miracle.”

Mrs Lynch, 77, said her painting, portraying a bearded, long-haired Christ in a fetching blue tunic with red sash, was surely worth just as much as the one sold at Christies in New York this week.

“Finding my picture was a sign from above,” Mrs Lynch, a retired post office worker said.

“The painting is unsigned and was not framed, but you can tell from the quality of the work that it is a priceless masterpiece.

“I reckon it dates back well over 2,000 years.”


She has not yet taken her portrait to an art expert, and insists they “do not really know what they are talking about anyway”.

Instead, she is thinking of taking it to TW Gaze auctioneers in Diss, Norfolk to put in their next sale.

“I’m not greedy or anything, but I can’t help looking at new houses and cars. And I could really do with a nice holiday.”

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