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What is the Difference between Cleanse and Detox?

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We all know that body cleansing means removing dirt from the body either from outside or inside. In the action of cleansing the body inside, several edible materials are used to throw out the harmful contents or the remaining food from your body. Generally, different types of herbs and their extracts are used to cleanse the body like green tea, cumin extracts etc. In the course of cleansing, several types of materials are thrown out of the body like the remaining food, heavy metals, some harmful non-metals, excess vitamins and minerals etc.

  • Detoxifying the Body

Detoxification refers to a procedure that targets the unspecified toxic materials of the body to throw them out of it with the help of some medicines that can be used in alternation with some regular medicines. The process of detoxification is based on the principle of driving out the accumulated toxic materials that have undesirable effects on the body and they may be short term or long term. Detoxification includes the administration of certain medicated materials or withdrawal of food for a certain time that the unwanted accumulation can get out of the body through the regular course of work. Fasting and specific dieting are commonly involved activities in this course.

  • Cleaning the Body From Inside

Cleaning the colon is a common activity in the course of cleansing the body. It involves the use of a number of medicated materials and therapies which claim to remove the unwanted and harmful remains of the intakes from the colon. It is also known as hydrotherapy of the colon or colon irrigation. There are several processes of colon hydrotherapy. It uses tubes as water inlet. Water is often mixed with some herbs, or sometimes with some special types of liquids to clear the colon.

  • The Natural Procedure of Colon Cleaning

Generally, the cleaning process of the colon is a natural process and an automated system of the body. What we eat throughout the day gets out of the body in a natural series of physiological actions. Starting from eating to excreting those materials, there are the influence of several materials and physiological processes like peristalsis. This is a very important process that helps to keep the body fit and free from disease.

What if the Colon is not Cleansed Properly?

There are several disadvantages of a colon that don’t get cleaned properly. the most common problem of constipation is feeling of uneasiness throughout the day and decreased performance in your professional world. There are some bacteria that live in the intestine of a human being and they are generally not harmful. But if the remains of the foods will stay there for quite a long time, then there is a possibility that some bacteria may generate there and can result in adverse health conditions. Intoxications in the body can lead to fatigue, irritability, headache and loss of appetite. The remains of foods may cause infection into the colon if not cleared properly. On the contrary, there can be serious health issues due to this which can, in fact, lead to psychological problems too.

  • Some Risks of Colon Cleansing

When you are looking for the top body cleanse solution or medicine then you should know that there are no such materials that can cleanse your colon fully. The materials which are claimed to be the best solutions are only effective for the little alleviation of the system so that the colon can expel the waste materials easily. As the colon does it automatically so the cleansing process triggered from outside is generally not needed. But if done regularly, then you can face certain problems such as disruption of the normal flora of the bowel, dehydration and sometimes it can extend up to rectal perforation.

  • Severe Risk Factors

When you try to cleanse the colon artificially, there can be several other severe risk factors too. The liquid which is used for colon cleansing is termed as an enema. When you use an excessive amount of it, there can be chances of heart failure also. If coffee is often used as enema then there can be serious events of electoral imbalance which can lead to heart failure.

What is a Detox Diet?

A detox diet is when you take a limited amount of solid and liquid food so that the accumulated remains can get out of your body through your natural excretion system, then, it is called detox diet. Generally, people can’t go with the detox diet regularly but after a certain interval, this type of diet can be an effective way to keep your body free from toxins. This type of diet uses some specific compounds so that your body can be cleaned from inside. A detox diet is a short term in nature. It involves a very restricted diet of fruits, fruit juices, vegetables and water after a certain period of fasting.

Why is it Done?

In general cases, people adapt detox diet after some events of heavy eating like marriage ceremonies, birthday parties, hangouts with friends and so on. This diet is normally done to give rest to your internal organs by fasting. Through this, they get reset for their work. When you don’t supply food to your stomach it can digest the remains well and sends it to the next phases of digestion. There are less pressure on the liver to drive away toxins with increased time. The fasting procedure promotes the excretion and elimination of toxins through urine, sweat and feces.

The Most Common Toxins that Get Eliminated

When you start a detox diet, then it is obvious that many harmful toxic materials will get eliminated from the body. They include some organic pollutants which are persistent in the body, bisphenol, Phthalates, some heavy metals including lead, some non-metals like arsenic and so on. These materials are really harmful to the body and are causes of several diseases like gout, allergies heart blockage. So if you are busy with your daily life and are not being able to go for a regular physical exercise then the detox diet and cleansing will do it for you.

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