Trump gets controversial Independence Day gift from Boris Johnson

Independence Day
Boris Johnson’s Independence Day gift to Donald Trump

Toy models fan Boris Johnson has sent a controversial Independence Day gift to US President Donald Trump.

Mr Johnson, who hopes to become the next British Prime Minister, dispatched a box of British Infantry Regiment model soldiers to the White House.

The box features the fearsome Brits who single-handedly took on the enemy in the American War of Independence.

It was our brave actions that enabled America to be free of evil foreign oppression.

Now, Mr Trump can play with the toy Brit soldiers on his desk in the Oval Office. He can re-enact key battles from the war, made famous by the glorious British red coats.

Military historian Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “If Mr Johnson is to become Prime Minister, he’ll need to get along well with Mr Trump.

“Sharing a passion for models, though Mr Trump prefers those to be two-legged and female, is a good way to start.

“I’m sure Mr Trump will love these toy soldiers, a wonderful reminder from Britain about how we managed to win the war for America and its people.”

Mr Johnson revealed recently how he liked to make his own models – of cardboard buses.

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