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Norfolk man missing for five weeks after visiting escape room

Dudley Spuckler, in happier times

By Hugh Dunnett, Crime Correspondent

A man who visited an escape room has been missing for five weeks, it has emerged.

Suffolk Police have put out an alert for Dudley Spuckler, 29, who hasn’t been able to work out how to get out since entering the puzzle complex in May.

Mr Spuckler, from Downham Market in Norfolk, was treated to a visit to the Ipswich escape room for a birthday surprise.

But after entering the room, he was so bamboozled by the codes and various clues he was unable to find his way out.

Now, he has been trapped somewhere in the industrial estate complex for five weeks and officers are keen to find him.

“His family are concerned about his whereabouts,” explained a Suffolk Police spokesman.

“Normally visitors are able to solve all the puzzles and clues to get out of an escape room in an hour.

“But Mr Spuckler is from Norfolk and found the whole thing utterly confusing.

“Staff went looking for him and have no idea where he went.”

Anyone with information is urged to contact police.

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