Britain’s first kebab shop found in lost city of Dunwich

Divers researching the lost city of Dunwich have discovered remarkable evidence of Britain’s first kebab shop.

The remains of the 13th-century shop were found under the North Sea during a recent survey using hi-tech imagery equipment.

Records at the Suffolk Registry Office confirm the presence of a takeaway of some sort in 13th-century Dunwich, which was as big and important as London in its day.

Divers recovered large skewers from the seabed, alongside remains of a building that had a service counter and some sort of large grill.

There was also a long, thin knife that would have been used to cut meat from the swirling kebab skewer.

It confirms that Suffolk locals and visiting sailors enjoyed tucking into a doner kebab with chili sauce in medieval times.

Yummy: 13th-century doner kebab

Intriguingly, what is being dubbed as Ye Olde Kebabe Shoppe, was found to be next to a pub and just down the road from a chariot taxi rank.

All the ingredients for a perfect night out.

Underwater archaeologist Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “The ancient city of Dunwich was lost to the sea many hundreds of years ago, but it is still throwing up new and exciting discoveries.

“This kebab shop is the best find in recent years.

“It is likely an immigrant arrived on a ship from the Ottoman Empire, liked what he saw, and set up shop.

“We tested the metalwork found on the seabed, skewers to hold doner meat and shish kebabs, and it was made in 1215.

“This makes it Britain’s oldest kebab shop.”

Original documents suggest medieval folks in Dunwich enjoyed their kebabs in ancient pitta bread, garnished with a little salad.

It is not known what the people of Dunwich would have made of Turkey Twizzlers, today’s gourmet food of choice.

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