Coronavirus vaccine comes with Norfolk genes side effect warning

Downham Market MP Bubba Spuckler
Norfolk residents are coronavirus free

With no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Norfolk, scientists now expect to develop a vaccine based on the county’s genetics.

But the breakthrough comes with huge side effects for the rest of Britain – future generations will develop Norfolk characteristics.

Chief Medical Science Officer Dr Lorraine Fisher, 34, said that within 100 years, all Britains would develop a sixth finger on each hand.

“Using Norfolk genes for a Covid-19 vaccine will clearly help eradicate the virus.

“But people should be prepared for the downside. Our grandchildren will develop simpleton behaviour and grow extra fingers.

“Voices will change to a weird drawl; there will be extra interest in family activities.

“This will all be particular hard for people in Suffolk to stomach, but needs must.”

It was confirmed yesterday that Norfolk is the only county without a coronavirus case.

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