Cats now leaving the TV on and a plate of sandwiches when they go out

Cat ensures humans are okay before leaving the house
Cat ensures humans are okay before it leaves the house

Britain’s cats are now thoughtfully leaving the TV on and putting a plate of sandwiches in the fridge before they go out.

Moggies say it ensures their owners do not get lonely or hungry when left alone for hours on end.

Cat Lorraine Fisher (about 34 in cat years) said: “I feel guilty that my humans are stuck indoors while I go out and enjoy myself.

“They look so miserable when I head for the cat flap.

“Their poor little faces make me sad, so I now turn the TV on for them – on a nice jolly programme, not the news which is depressing.

“I am also sure to prepare some nice sandwiches which I leave in the fridge in case they get peckish.”

With Britain coming to the end of the second week of coronavirus lockdown, cats are now running everything, including the Government.

“I suppose the natural order of things is falling into place,” said Ms Fisher while cleaning her whiskers.

“My humans are grateful for what I do and you should see how excited they are when I finally get home.”

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