Sizewell family alarmed by cat’s changing appearance

Sizewell cat

A family who recently moved to Sizewell have raised concerns after their pet cat’s appearance changed drastically within two weeks.

Fluffy went from being a normal looking hairy cat (inset) to a bald freak with huge ears and scary green eyes.


Mum-of-two Sharon Spencer, 35, said: “My husband got a new job so we had to move from Northamptonshire to live in Sizewell on the Suffolk coast, close to the nuclear power station.

“Everything has been lovely – the locals have welcomed us and said we should be accepted in Suffolk within 27 years, and the kids settled in school once they got used to wearing smocks.

“But something is terribly strange about Fluffy, who likes to go out at night and explore.

“First we noticed some tufts of his hair began falling out – and within four days it had all gone.

“And then his ears grew enormous and his eyes began to bulge and changed colour from yellow to green. He also now has five legs.

“He’s probably the same cat inside, but to be honest the kids are now scared to go near him.”


Mrs Spencer took Fluffy to the local vets in Leiston, who advised her to stop letting him wander up to Sizewell B.

“They wouldn’t tell me why. It’s very odd,” Mrs Spencer said.

“Why shouldn’t Fluffy go up there where it’s nice and warm? It makes you wonder if it is entirely safe.”

Sizewell B spokesman Charles Montgomery Burns said: “Excellent! There is absolutely nothing to worry about. Release the hounds!”

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