Friday, April 5, 2024

Ipswich Hospital buys giant rectal probe camera


Ipswich Hospital has taken delivery of a huge new camera for its colonoscopy investigations.

The impressive colonoscope will be inserted up patients’ backsides to check for potential bowel conditions.


The new piece of equipment is the biggest rectal probe camera ever purchased by the NHS, and reflects the growing obesity rates in Britain today.

Costing £137,000, it will be made available to patients in Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex as well as those in Suffolk.

The hospital colonoscopy consultant, Dr Hugh Janus said: “We all know there is trend towards obesity in Britain today, and as a result adults have much bigger backsides than in years gone by.

“Traditional colonoscopy investigations, where a small camera is inserted through the rectum into the large bowel, have become increasingly difficult as a result.

“Now our new camera will fit snugly into the larger patient’s backside and provide us with a brilliant view of what is going on inside.”


The first patients have already been inspected using the new device, and lubrication has only been required on two occasions so far.

A spokesman for the Department of Health said: “This was a necessary and welcome investment that proves we are creating a National Health Service that meets the needs of modern-day patients.

“This colonoscope camera may have cost £137,000, but we have already found we can claw some money back by renting it out at nights to amateur astronomers, who have been seeing some wonderful sights from the hospital roof, including a great view of Uranus.”

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