Monday, June 3, 2024

New fast food delivery service for social media addicts opens in Suffolk

A new take-away restaurant aimed at social media addicts has opened its doors to customers in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

‘Facefood’ fast food on Risbygate Street, caters to those customers who can’t bear to be away from their ‘socials’ for more than thirty seconds. The novel idea is the latest creation of Barry Singh, the Suffolk grocery entrepreneur behind retail outlets, Singhsbury’s and Morrisinghs.


I caught up with Barry as he was unloading some halal meat from the back of a van parked outside the restaurant, and asked him what was it all about?

“Hey, how you doin’, buddy?” said Barry as he slung the carcus of a dead cow over his shoulder. “Welcome to facefood. It’s my new top fast food shop serving top quality fast food to youngsters who live fast on the internet, innit?”

I asked Baz how it worked. “So, you can either come in or order online. If you want to order online just send us a friend request on facebook and tell us what you want. The menu is on the wall of our facebook page. Delivery will be in under 30 minutes. The best thing is you can chat or message your friends on facebook while you wait for delivery. Facebook. Facefood. Makes sense, innit?”

So how is that any different to an other online food order?

“It’s on facebook. Come inside and I’ll show you what else we have…”

Short circuit

As I entered the shop I noticed that the counter was only six inches from the ground and the menus were stuck to the floor. I asked Bazza why?

“It’s so when you come in you don’t have to lift your head up from your phone to make an order. You can keep using facebook the whole time. Facebook. Facefood.”

Dishes at Facefood include; Chicken megabytes, Quarter-pounder Mark Zuckerburger and microchips, Virtual Kebab, 12” Pizza with tomato database and choice of laptoppings, and Eton Messenger.

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