Tuesday, April 2, 2024

New Eurotunnel to link Lowestoft with Amsterdam

All aboard! New Eurotunnel link will go from Lowestoft

A second Eurotunnel linking Lowestoft with Amsterdam is being planned by the Government, we can exclusively reveal.

Officials have pinned the new undersea rail link to its levelling up agenda for rural Suffolk – and it has the added advantage that we will no longer have to go to France by train.

Costing £80 billion, the new tunnel will be financed by the UK and Dutch Governments, although private sponsorship is possible to reduce the bill to taxpayers.

Planners have identified the Lowestoft side of the tunnel should emerge in the old fish market area, a delightful part of the attractive Suffolk resort that will be a welcome sight for European visitors.

Grand new Eurotunnel entrance in Lowestoft
And the planned Amsterdam entrance

Lowestoft town councillor Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “The rail tracks and infrastructure is basically at the fish market already, so all they have to do is dig.”

The tunnel will run 213 miles and take just over two hours to complete by fast train.

Tourist bosses in the region are excited about welcoming tens of thousands of European visitors each day, and are said to be working on a marketing campaign.

Meanwhile, Amsterdam officials can’t wait for the evening trains to arrive, packed with English folk looking to explore the city’s famous liberal attractions.

The huge project is expected to take seven years to complete, once approval is given next month. It is a significantly more challenging construction project than the Channel Tunnel, given that it is seven times longer.

A Downing Street insider told the Suffolk Gazette: “We have chosen Lowestoft not just because it is Britain’s most easterly town, but also because it is so lovely.”

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