Thursday, May 9, 2024

New Audi models to include indicators as standard

Audi indicators

The new generation of Audis will now come with indicators as standard, it has emerged.

Owners of the new Audi cars, many of which will have private plates, will get special training on how to use the blinking lights, which inform other users that the car is about to change direction.

The manufacturer was forced into the change because its drivers refused to use indicators, reasoning other road users should simply get the hell out of their way.

Lorraine Fisher, 34, the German car giant’s UK spokesperson said: “It would be so much easier if other motorists recognised the superiority of Audi drivers.

“But clearly other motorists are stupid, so we need to add indicators to our cars.

“They will now be fitted as standard on the back and the front of the vehicles.

“Each new owner will be taught how to use them, out of consideration for other motorists in ordinary vehicles.

“We don’t expect any of the owners to use this new feature, however.”

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