Thursday, December 7, 2023

Mercedes handbooks to advise on driving politely

Mercedes drivers

Mercedes-Benz has revealed that from next year its owner handbooks will contain advice on being polite to other road users.

Company bosses were forced to admit Mercedes drivers were the rudest on the road, seemingly incapable of thanking other motorists for letting them through.

And roadside surveys confirmed no Mercedes driver had ever let another vehicle out from a side junction.


A spokesman for the German luxury car maker said: “We have some of the best cars in the world, but also the most arrogant drivers.

“From January our handbooks will contain five pages of advice about how to interact with other road users, things like raising a hand to say thank you, or letting people out into queuing traffic.

“There will be advice on how not to hog the outside lane or tailgate other cars, and a special section about giving cyclists and pedestrians a wide berth.

“It shouldn’t take too long for the rude reputation to disappear. That dubious accolade can then go back to BMW where it belongs.”

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