Tuesday, May 28, 2024

National Siblings Day chaos to hit Norfolk

Norfolk brothers Billy Bob and Bubba Spuckler
Norfolk brothers Billy Bob and Bubba Spuckler celebrate National Siblings Day

By Ian Bred, Norfolk correspondent

Norfolk will once again descend into chaos tomorrow for National Siblings Day, police have warned.

The day is a public holiday in Norfolk but it tends to cause mass confusion as everyone is related to each other.

Just as one sibling turns up at a house with a gift, another 100 pull up in horse and carts outside trying to do the same thing.

Police are urging Norfolk people to take their time, be patient and not to get on the cider too early.

A spokesman for Norfolk Police said: “Last year there were 54 arrests across the county as National Siblings Day celebrations got out of hand.

“There are many complicated family networks in Norfolk and tensions can mount when they all turn up at the same place.”

Tourists, who are always urged not to enter a Norfolk country pub alone, are being told to steer clear altogether tomorrow.

East Anglia tourist official Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “It’s better to be safe than to be sorry. If you thought Great Yarmouth was bad, you won’t believe what it’s like on National Siblings Day.”

Downham Market vicar The Rev Evan Elpuss has put up a notice saying people from outside the county were welcome to take refuge in his church.

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