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Seafront horror as man beats wife, child and policeman

Punch and Judy show

By Hugh Dunnett, Crime Correspondent

Families watched in horror as a man beat up his wife and child on Felixstowe beach today.

The drama unfolded this afternoon as daytrippers and locals enjoyed the fine weather on the Suffolk coast.

They first heard shouting and saw the man arguing with his wife before hitting her repeatedly.

The child had also assaulted.

Police were called and an officer needed to use his baton to try to bring the enraged man under control.

But the assailant managed to seize the stick from the policeman and started hitting him instead.

Children on the beach were screaming as the horrific attack continued.


As the man’s wife, child and the policeman lay dazed on the beach, the man inexplicably got out some sausages from his cool box.

He was showing them off when a crocodile appeared from nowhere and ate them after a titanic struggle.

The man escaped but police warn he could be back tomorrow, and every day during the summer.

A Suffolk Police spokesman confirmed: “We were called to Felixstowe seafront following reports of a domestic incident on the beach.

“Two people had been injured, and then our own police constable was set upon as he tried to bring the attacker under control.

“All three victims have recovered, but unbelievably the man put in a complaint that his pork product had been stolen by a crocodile.

“He may have been on some drugs or something. He kept shouting, ‘That’s the way to do it’.”

Police added that the man may have committed similar offences in Lowestoft, Great Yarmouth, Clacton and Southend.

Mum of two Lorraine Fisher, 34, was disgusted after her children saw the drama unfold.

“It was a complete waste of perfectly good sausages,” she said.

The Suffolk Gazette can confirm there has not been so much excitement on Felixstowe beach since five penguins turned up a few years ago.

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