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Mike Pence fly says it has never been so embarrassed

Lorraine on the Vice President’s head

The fly that landed on Vice President Mike Pence’s head during the US election television debate has admitted it was a terrible mistake.

Viewers watched transfixed as the insect arrived on set, landed on Pence’s head and refused to budge.

Fly Lorraine Fisher, 34, in her first interview since the incident watched by millions prior to the election of 2020, said: “I made a mistake.

“I was buzzing around looking for something to eat and smelt something off. It looked like a white dog poo. You don’t see many of those these days, so I went to investigate.

“Once I landed, I got my legs stuck on the Vice President’s hair lacquer. When you have six legs, that’s a problem.

“Anyway, I couldn’t get away and there I was in front of the cameras for everyone to see.

“Some people get a buzz from being on TV but I hated it. It was so embarrassing.”

The Mike Pence fly
Lorraine the fly in happier times

Told that her appearance was the most compelling thing about the Vice Presidential debate, Lorraine added: “You think that was extraordinary? Let me tell you I laid 100 eggs on that man’s head. Wait until he wakes up tomorrow.”

But Lorraine is now worried about COVID-19. She will be tested today and hopes to get the all-clear after her close brush with Donald Trump’s running mate.

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