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Middle-aged man keeps tight clothes for another year as he will definitely lose weight soon

A middle-aged man has decided to keep all the old clothes he no longer fits into for another year because he will definitely lose weight soon.

Steve Walshe, 49, has drawers full of polo shirts and tee-shirts that he used to be able to squeeze into.

Hanging in the wardrobe are eight shirts he has purchased recently but has never worn because the buttons threaten to explode.

But office worker Steve, 43, from Woodbridge in Suffolk, is pretty sure he will lose weight soon, once his fitness regime with his personal trainer begins to work.

“I’ve started exercising more and watching what I eat. I will drop a stone soon, so I can get into all my clobber again.”

Most of his clothing has now not been worn for six years, and there is little space left in the bedroom.

Long-suffering partner Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “I wish he would just throw all the old crap out.

“He’ll never fit into it again. If anything, he’s getting larger every year.”

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