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Suffolk Gazette plays down significance of meeting notes gaffe

The Suffolk Gazette management team has been forced to play down the significance of private meeting notes that were spotted by the media.

A bungling aide left an executive meeting at the media empire HQ yesterday, unaware the writing on his pad could be seen by waiting photographers.


The notes contained a tantalising glimpse into the Suffolk Gazette’s future strategy, including a new cookery column called Have Your Cake and Eat It.

And there are explicit policies outlining ideas about how to deal with Norfolk – and in particular Norwich owner Delia Smith’s lawyer.

Suffolk Gazette meeting notesRevealed: Photographers spotted the Suffolk Gazette meeting notes

By extraordinary coincidence, the embarrassing gaffe echoes an incident in Downing Street yesterday when a secretary’s errant notes appeared to display Britain’s tactics in future Brexit negotiations.

But a spokesman for the Suffolk Gazette was keen to dismiss the significance of the meeting notes. He said: “You can’t read too much into this. Our team had probably been drinking, so the notes may not even have been a particularly accurate record of the meeting.

“Also, any tactics targeting Norfolk can hardly be a surprise. We will not be sacking the aide because of the error.”

There is no word on whether the aide in Downing Street will be spared, however.

Downing Street meeting notesThe notes pictured at Downing Street yesterday

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