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Lorraine Fisher, 34, ponders new career as a truck driver

Suffolk Gazette regular Lorraine Fisher, 34, is contemplating a new career as an HGV lorry driver.

As British doom-mongers claim the supermarket shelves are empty because there are not enough truck drivers, Ms Fisher has decided to take matters into her own hands.

“I will begin my HGV training next Wednesday,” she said in an exclusive interview (again) with this newspaper.

“I urge all other women, men or people who do not identify as either – can I say people? – to do the same and save the nation from certain implosion.

“And to those of you I will see out on the road, get the hell out of the way because my driving is a little erratic at times.”

Lorraine Fisher, 34, truck driver
Lorraine Fisher, 34

Business leaders claim there may be a shortfall of as many as 70,000 drivers in the UK.

While some of that is down to the pingdemic, and in part truck driving tests and applications are behind schedule, Brexit is inevitably being blamed.

“I don’t really care about the reason,” explained Ms Fisher, still 34. “I just love a big gear stick in my hand and munching on a Yorkie.”

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