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Marks & Spencer stuff gay food down customers’ throats

Marks & Spencer stuff gay food down customers' throats
Marks & Spencer stuff gay food down customers’ throats

M&S, IPSWICH – Premium UK supermarket Marks & Spencer has unveiled a new twist on the classic BLT sandwich. Aptly named the ‘LGBT’ variant in its food section.

By Our Consumer Correspondent: Colin Allcabs

This innovative creation features the traditional bacon, lettuce, and tomato. With a delightful addition of avocado, cleverly inserted to make the LGBT acronym work.

Marks & Spencer gay food

The announcement of the LGBT sandwich has been met with a wave of enthusiasm from LGBT customers and their allies. Who see it as a symbol of recognition and acceptance within mainstream society. Many have praised Marks & Spencer for their commitment to inclusivity and for taking steps to celebrate diversity in their product offerings.

However, not everyone is pleased with this rainbow-coloured culinary creation. Traditionalists and critics have accused Marks & Spencer of ‘virtue signalling,’. Suggesting that the LGBT sandwich amounts to the supermarket ‘stuffing gay food down customer’s throats’.

Some have even gone as far as to boycott the retailer, claiming that they are pandering to political correctness at the expense of culinary tradition.


Despite the backlash, Marks & Spencer remains steadfast in their support of the LGBT community. Emphasizing that the LGBT sandwich is a gesture of solidarity and respect.

In a statement, the supermarket stated, “We have a lot of gay, bi, lez and gender fluid staff who love an extra bit of cock or fanny (or both) during Pride month and we are proud to celebrate and to show our support for them.

The LGBT sandwich is a delicious way for us to ram home the message that cock, fanny (and arse for that matter) should be foremost in Mrs Battersby’s mind when she shops in our stores for Percy Pigs for her grandkids.”

As the LGBT sandwich makes its debut on Marks & Spencer’s shelves. It serves as a reminder of the ongoing, if increasingly tedious, struggle for equality and acceptance.

While some may scoff at the idea of a sandwich representing gay shagging, for many, it’s a small but significant step towards a more inclusive society—one mouthful at a time.

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