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Gender Transition in schools ‘a pantomime’ says UK Gov

LSSPPA, IPSWICH – In the wake of the UK Government’s efforts to assist teachers in navigating the delicate terrain of gender transition among pupils. One school in Suffolk is raising eyebrows with its unique interpretation of the guidelines.

By Ian Bred, Norfolk Correspondent

‘The Liberace School of Provocative Performing Arts,’ led by the flamboyant Headteacher Widow Twankey. Has hinted at exploring creative ways to ‘skirt around’ the protocols.

Give ‘em the old razzle dazzle

Minister for Women and Equalities Kemi Badenoch emphasized that schools are not obligated to automatically accept a child’s request for social transition. However, the Liberace School, renowned for its queer approach to the performing arts, is contemplating a performance of its own which will not only push the boundaries of gender expression under the dazzling lights of the Christmas panto, but also the limits of the Government’s guidance.

Gender Transition “A pantomime”

Widow Twankey, never one to shy away from the spectacular, expressed a desire to scrutinize the guidance for potential loopholes. “In order to put on the most fabulous LGBTIQA+ Christmas pantomime ever, ever, ever, ever,”. Twankey declared, “I may have to keep some teensy-weensy secrets about stuffing shuttlecocks down tights and drawing nipples onto chests with felt-tip pens, ever-so-innocently… secret.”

As teachers and students at the Liberace School contemplate its approach to the guidance. It remains to be seen whether their commitment to a show-stopping performance will lead them to dance around the regulations or gracefully follow the steps outlined by the DfE.

Jesus Christ

The school’s Christmas Production. “Jesus: Daughter of God” will begin its run this weekend. Tickets are available via the website.

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