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Man who paid £35,000 for a camper van now realises he must shit in a bucket

shit in a camper van

‘Free spirit’ middle-aged man Steve Walshe forked out £35,000 on a cool camper van only to find out he now has to shit in a bucket.

Steve, 45, from Woodbridge in Suffolk, had long yearned for the freedom of the road, going wherever he and his partner pleased for exciting long trips or weekends away.

But after spending his life savings on a converted VW van with a fold-down bed, kitchen equipment for a midget and a table big enough for a cup and saucer, he realised there was no lavatorial equipment on board.

His furious partner, the fragrant Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “You’re not telling me I have to shit in a bucket.

“And I’m not going outside into the woods in middle of the night to dig a hole and squat like a cat.

“Steve said this would be the ideal way to rekindle our youth, but I don’t think he has thought it through.”

Lorraine said she would only agree to park up and camp within ten miles of their home, so that if she felt the need, she could get back and use the loo.

“I suspect it won’t be long before the van begins sitting on the drive for longer periods at a time before being sold off for a £10,000 loss.

“Steve is an idiot.”

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