Monday, May 20, 2024

London becoming overgrown as city workers stay away

View over the Thames to the South Bank and the London Eye

The city of London is becoming overgrown with weeds and trees as office workers continue to stay away, choosing to work from home.

Our exclusive photograph, above, shows the view over the River Thames towards the South Bank, with the London Eye wheel in the background.

Where once there were office workers, public transport, and bustling shops, restaurants and bars, now there is an eerie quietness as nature reclaims the streets.

The photograph was taken by Suffolk Gazette reader Lorraine Fisher, 34, who had travelled to her office in London to collect her mail.

She was shocked by the amount of greenery, trees and wildlife roaming free on the city streets.

“Outside Liverpool Street is like the Amazon,” she said.

“I had to use a machete to hack my way through to my office near the Embankment.

“I managed to take this photo from my desk. The view from my window has changed a bit since I was last here in March.

“Everything was completely overgrown. If people don’t start returning to wok in offices soon, then the city will be lost to nature forever.”

The news comes as the Government urges people to get back to work, rather than continuing a home-working culture during the coronavirus outbreak.

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