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Liverpool pubs introduce new soup of the day called Stella, £3.70

Liverpool pubs selling soup
Special soup in Liverpool

Pubs in Liverpool are selling special soups to become a gastropub and avoid closure during lockdown.

Top-selling soup dishes include Stella (£3.70), Carling (£3.30) and a tasty soup from Italy called Peroni (£3.40).

Under new top COVID-19 risk tier rules, pubs in Liverpool are forced to close unless they are gastro pubs.

Gastro pubs can remain open and serve drinks as long as they do so with a main meal.

Lorraine Fisher, 34, landlady of the Prick and Gooseberry pub in Liverpool said: “We have started selling food and our soups are extremely popular.

“On our trial run last night, one regular loved his soup so much he had eight portions of it.

“And he washed it down with some lager, which the rules allow.”

It is expected the new soup diet is expected to sweep Britain.

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