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Lips licked as Costa launches Christmas ‘minge tart’

Lips licked as Costa launches Christmas ‘minge tart’

Costa Coffee has unveiled its latest seasonal creation— the “minge tart.” This unconventional pastry, distinguishable by its provocative name. It takes a daring departure from the traditional “mince tart” synonymous with the yuletide season.

By Colin Allcabs, Consumer Editor

Unlike the familiar blend of chopped dried fruit, spirits, and spices that encapsulates the cherished flavour of Christmas. Costa’s minge tart reportedly boasts a taste more akin to stale bread dipped in the juices of three-day-old boiled kippers. Costa Coffee, known for its bold experimentation with flavours. Seems to have ventured into uncharted cunninary culinary territory with this eyebrow-raising creation.

Sporty spice

Costa sales figures for the minge tart are yet to be tallied. Leaving the true measure of its popularity hanging in the holiday-scented air. However, reports suggest an unexpected surge in interest from women’s football teams and female Greenpeace activists. Whether these groups are drawn to the pastry for its audacious name or its avant-garde flavour profile remains a matter of speculation.

Muff muffins

Costa Coffee is banking on the tart and other minge-based baked goods, such as ‘Merry Muff Muffins’ and ‘Fanny-Battered Berry Bakes’ to be a hit this season.

As minge-based pastries take their place alongside traditional gingerbread houses and fruitcakes on the holiday spread, Costa Coffee is giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “seasonal indulgence.”

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