Saturday, June 1, 2024

‘I told her six months ago I would tidy it up – she should stop nagging’

Wife nagging to clear up the garage

A Suffolk man was furious today after his nagging wife told him to clear up the garage – just six months after asking before.

Steve Walshe, 43, said his missus was “out of order” for making demands on his time so often.

“It was only six months ago that she was on my back about the garage.

“I told her I would clean it out – but then, only yesterday, she was nagging me again.

“The woman is insufferable.”

But long-suffering wife Denise said the clear-out was now urgent because she couldn’t even get to the freezer.

“Steve says he will do something and is then surprised when I remind him that he hasn’t done it.

“The garage is full of crap that just needs chucking, including a broken wheelchair, a random wooden aeroplane and old paint pots.

“He claims these things will come in handy one day but who needs half a bag of cement mixture that has turned hard in the damp?”

Relationship counsellor Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “Denise would be better off hiring a skip and a proper man to empty the garage.

“And then throw her husband in the skip, too.”

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