Monday, July 8, 2024

Knuckle duster kept under wraps for pensioners.

Knuckle duster kept under wraps for pensioners.

Ipswich pensioners have armed themselves with the latest ‘knuckle duster’ adapted from their old dentured teeth. This takes the meaning of ‘gummy bear’ to a whole new level.

What an innovative way to aid recycling? That’s one way to re-use them! Pensioners have also been using their own dentures to adapt them into knuckle dusters to scare off other people!

Surely it would scare anyone away with this set of fierce teeth? It can’t be very hygienic though. Imagine all the saliva that has been on them over the years. Imagine trying to keep knuckle duster under wraps? Would you even want to put your fingers near that after many years of use and grossness of all the bacteria and dirt that must be on them after such a long time?

I’m not sure anyone would dare to present them when out and about in town. It surely sends out the wrong message that elderly people need to arm themselves with this type of thing in order to maintain some feeling of safety. It’s a strange choice of item!

Gone are the days of a bit of using a pepper spray or some kind of combat item.
How would a pensioner surely keep this type of item under wraps though? Would they wear it and conceal it under their sleeve, would ladies pop it into their pocket of their handbag for a quick release? Would they brazenly walk about the town wearing them?

It boggles the mind to think what damage this would do to someone if they deployed it in anger or some kind of self defence against someone? Imagine how they would be able to explain why and how they used it if they were to get caught ‘in action’? Maybe someone would just laugh if they saw that thing coming towards them. It’s frighteningly funny and very bizarre as it beggars belief that they would think to use it.

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