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Rookie driving instructor crashes through shop window on first day

Rookie driving instructor crashes through shop window on first day
Rookie driving instructor crashes through shop window on first day

LOWESTOFT, SUFFOLK – A driving instructor – 17, experienced an unforgettable first day at his new job with the ‘Learn to Drive’ driving school in Lowestoft, Suffolk.

By Our Norfolk Reporter: Ian Bred

The nervous driving instructor managed to crash his car through the plate glass window at the front of the shop upon arrival.

The scene unfolded in slow-motion comedy as Kevin, nerves jangling, attempted to park but instead ploughed directly into the storefront, shattering the glass and bringing new meaning to the phrase “crash test dummy.” The embarrassing incident drew the immediate attention of both his manager and the students waiting to begin their lessons, creating a scene reminiscent of a car crash job interview.

“I saw this car coming straight at the window and thought it was part of some bizarre driving test,” said one student sitting behind the wheel of a L-plated Ford Fiesta. “It took a moment to realise this was not a manoeuvre from the  highway code.”

Window of opportunity

The ‘Learn to Drive’ sign, now ironically perched atop a wrecked car, added a visual punchline to the whole incident. Kevin, unscathed but visibly mortified, emerged from the vehicle amidst a shower of glass, muttering apologies and trying to laugh off the embarrassment.

Driving instructor is still on job

Despite the dramatic start, the driving school has opted to keep Kevin on. The manager, Stavros Papageorgiou, humorously addressing those gathered, remarked, “Well, folks, if you can survive that, you can survive anything on the road. Kevin here just demonstrated the importance of learning in a controlled environment.”

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