Tuesday, May 14, 2024

House prices at record high, with average Norfolk hovel now £7,999

Norfolk tribe

By Ian Bred, Norfolk Reporter

Skyrocketing house prices have sent the cost of the average Norfolk hovel to a whopping £7,999.

Nationwide revealed today that house prices had reached record levels, soaring 2% in August alone.

The jump means first-time buyers in Norfolk can almost certainly no longer afford a hovel of their own.

Estate agent Lorraine Fisher, 34, explained: “The prices have bounced after lockdown, but unfortunately first-time buyers will now find it impossible to get a foot on the hovel ladder.

“And existing hovel owners are keen to do up their homes to add further value.”

One hovel owner, Edna Spratt, 44, from Dereham in Norfolk, today showed off her brand new kitchen. She is pictured below in the gleaming accommodation.

norfolk hovel edna spratt
Norfolk woman Edna Spratt, 44, with her new kitchen

Nationally, the average house price is now around £270,000. You might think this would send first-time buyers rushing to Norfolk to take advantage of the cheap accommodation there.

“Sadly not,” Ms Fisher explained. “Today’s young buyers tend to want running water, electricity and the internet.

“None of these are yet available in Norfolk. But once they do arrive, we expect house prices to jump accordingly.”

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