Thursday, May 9, 2024

The RAF – Probably the best Airforce in the world

The RAF - Probably the best Airforce in the world
Photo Credit: Rob Yates

The Ministry of Defence announced today that a landmark deal has been struck between the RAF and the famous Carlsberg brewing company.

The five-year £200 million sponsorship deal will reinforce the idea that, like Carlsberg’s lager, the RAF is indeed, ‘probably’ the best in the world.

It is believed that the controversial agreement is the first ever between a  private company and a sovereign nation’s military, and some commentators are questioning the propriety of the arrangement…

Silly old Fokker

Former fighter pilot, Roger ‘Roger’ Wilko, who flew fighters out of RAF Tuddenham, West

Suffolk during WWII told this reporter “Hang on! OK, don’t want to get in a flap but it’s FUBAR isn’t it! This’ll have come from top brass. I mean the bloody Danes? Didn’t even have an air force in ’40. WHAT? Apart from the Fokkers, all their crates were bloody biplanes, and most of those bought it on the ground. Prang wagons everywhere! Well, that’s what I told Popsie, anyway.”

RAF Joint Venture

While others seem quite happy with the boozy pairing. British journalist and broadcaster, Jeremy Paxman, who likes a drop himself, said of the deal “The RAF and Carlsberg? Come on… just get on with it will you!”


The record-breaking deal will pay for four additional RAF Typhoons which will be stationed at RAF Mildenhall in Suffolk, where the Carlsberg lager at Jake’s Free House will be flowing like water gushing through the Ruhr valley.

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