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Friends Reunion: fans shocked at how old Rachel looks

Fans of the hit TV show Friends are shocked by how old the cast look in their reunion special.

They say Jennifer Aniston and her co-stars have not aged well.

The Suffolk Gazette was handed the image of ‘Rachel’, which we print below.

Jennifer Aniston on the Friends Reunion (Photo: Raph PH under CC)

It clearly shows Jennifer Aniston today, aged 52, a lot older than when she and the rest of the crew finished filming US sitcom Friends in New York back in 2004.

Friends fan Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “I was so looking forward to watching the Friends reunion, but I would rather remember the characters for how they were.

“They all look so old now, it’s a shame.”

However, others are keen to point out that the cast still look amazing, and they are pretty sure Lorraine Fisher will look a lot older when she is 52.

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