Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Increased Velociraptor population is causing extinction of farm animals

Increased Velociraptor population is causing extinction of farm animals

Extinction of farm animals is not due to the Velociraptor population exploding in Bungay.

It’s not because Velociraptor are killing them. They are forcing the farm animals to build a giant stadium similar to the colosseum which is causing a huge extinction of farm animals.

They are also having them build 60 feet high Velociraptor statues, similar to the ancient Egyptians building the pyramids. When the animals ultimately die of exhaustion, the dinosaurs eat them.

Lorraine Fisher – 34, a dinosaur expert said:

“Velocipators are highly competitive and deeply insecure. They are making the animals build the stadium and statues because they are getting ready for the Velociraptor Olympics. They compete in terms of running and jumping. They also have a Jiu Jitsu competition after the pie and hot dog eating contest. They eat first to see who will submit by throwing up during the fight.

Fisher continues: They set up a big screen inside the colosseum specifically for this. They watch all their favorite movies such as Godzilla, The Good Dinosaur, Jurassic Park, and The Land Before Time”.

Bungay locals rang Suffolk Gazette and told that from the outside of the colosseum, they can hear the dinosaurs essentially reciting every line of every movie.

The next Velociraptor Olympics will be in June 2023 so we can expect a shortage of food in the coming months.

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