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Iraqi troops sent to America to keep the peace

Iraq troops Donald Trump
Iraqi troops sent to America to keep the peace

Iraq has sent thousands of troops to America to keep the peace and prevent turmoil in the region.

As dangerous, fanatical factions threaten war in the US, Iraq acts as the leader of the free world, protecting innocent people from tyranny.

Major Kasim Hassan, of the 4th Brigade of the 6th Iraqi Army Division, flew into an airbase near Washington yesterday.

Some 5,000 Iraqi troops now guard strategic positions around the city to prevent a repeat of yesterday’s storm of the US Capitol.

“Iraq will not stand by and see dictatorships threaten stability in the free world.

“We act as leaders of the free world, and will enforce the peace by whatever means possible.”

British Ministry of Defence spokesperson Lorraine Fisher, 34, said the UK had been concerned about about potential weapons of mass destruction in the US for some time.

“There is an orange-faced, weird-haired baboon threatening to explode at any time.

“We are pleased Iraq is there to protect the free world.”

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has confused the man in fancy dress of being a Joe Bison supporter.

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