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David Cameron hogs pork sector

David Cameron hogs pork sector
David Cameron hogs pork sector

Swine fetishist and former P.M. David Cameron has done it again! It is reported that he is to expand his ‘Empire of the Pig’ by trading in the boneless rectums of the loveable, omnivorous, domesticated, even-toed, hoofed mammals.

Trotters Independent Trading

This is not the first, second or even third time that David Cameron has been linked to a pig’s arse… and that is not a reference to Boris Johnson.

The term ‘Piggate’ refers to a claim that while at Uni, the former pro & anti Brexit P.M. David Cameron, willingly inserted his penis and testicles into a dead pig’s mouth as part of an initiation ceremony for the Piers Gaveston Society at Oxford University.

In September 2016, the Suffolk Gazette reported how David Cameron had invested in a Stanton pig farm, and in January 2018, we carried the story of how Dave, Michael Gove and other Brexit MPs were served pig rectum vol-au-vents by pranksters at a Westminster gala.

Snout Wrong With It

Boneless pork rectums or ‘pork bungs’ are used in dry sausages, smoked sausage, liverwurst and Asian pork dumplings. Favoured by Korean consumers, over 500,000 rectums are imported per year.

Sow Cameron Likes It

Whether D.C.s latest hog-related shenanigans are another attempt to disseminate (W.C. ‘spread around’) positive pork stories in the hope that they will dilute ‘Piggate’, is not clear. Whatever the reason, David Cameron seems unable to stay away from the snorting genus Sus Domesticus.

W.C. = Working Class

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