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Compare virtual data room for M&A deals

Mergers and acquisitions take a lot of time and effort. As a rule, a huge number of documents and their copies are needed to complete the process. Virtual data room providers grant the ability to complete operations with minimum effort.

There are so many advantages for the user who wants to work with electronic documents. They are easy to control and connect, replace, send, and share. Moreover, the files can be viewed around the clock anywhere in the world. The administrator will also have access to analytics. These features and more have helped companies move from physical to electronic data room.

Increase the deal’s pace with leading M&A technology

When not only business but also reputation is at stake, it is important to choose a leading technology for storing and exchanging information. Data digitization shows that most companies have long chosen data room software for their business.

First, the security of data rooms is what will help you forget about worrying about data leakage. What’s more, there are powerful tools that help you share, store, and manage your data from home. Also, good data rooms are able to operate quickly and meet customer requirements.

Not all virtual data room providers have dedicated M&A tools. Some of them are not designed for this kind of work at all. In the article, we will consider exactly those that suit you best.

All features of the data rooms contribute to the secure work with documents. For the most part, using them will help your business grow by saving you time. Now all administration functions are easy to perform in two clicks from anywhere.

VDR for M&A deals comparison

Below you can compare virtual data rooms and evaluate which one suits you best. It is important to remember that each has its own advantages and price category. Here are the main qualities that should be paid attention to:

  • price;
  • the potential amount of stored information;
  • ease of data transfer;
  • access levels.


Among the convenient features of DealRoom’s data room services, you will have access to the following: reports, multi-deal timeline, and pipeline management. In addition, there is a set of tools for tracking the transaction process, that is, you can even watch the actions of other users. Also, DealRoom has a set of tools for convenient drag and drop of data and search inside the software or document.

There are 3 tariffs designed for different amounts of information, ranging from 5 to 50 GB.

There is no free trial, but anyone may use a demo version through available tools. When exploring the VDR, you will be advised on certain qualities and how to use them.


This platform guarantees easy use in work, convenient management, and more than 100 tools for convenient work. The iDeals online data room software has 25 file formats and converts them to PDF for easy reading. There are fast text search and search with labels, as well as many features to quickly drag and drop data into a new window.

For secure operation, the platform has 8 levels of administrator permissions, international security certifications, ISO 27001, and SOC 2 security certifications. In addition, there is a feature that allows you to revoke access rights even after downloading. No need for Java or plugins.

Users will have access to a 30-day free trial and 3 paid packages for different types of work. Moreover, 24/7 access to the support service will be provided.


Next in our data room comparison is Intralinks. It also has various features for working with files, and there is a unique one – canceling the exchange. In addition, there are 16 user roles and AI Redaction. Another unique feature is that each Intralinks project has a dedicated M&A manager assigned to it.

Very handy is the Zoom integration where you can upload videos or take virtual tours that are related to your project. The number of packages is limited to one, where the price also depends on the tax rate.

Additional services are available on the server at the request of the user and a discount is also possible. Instead of a free trial, a limited 30-day free trial is offered, which may not be available to all users.


All virtual data rooms give you access to 24/7 support and different rates. The client should understand what goals he sets for himself and what benefits he will need, and which ones he can refuse. From this, your request is formed and your ability to pay for a specific provider package.

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