Sunday, June 2, 2024

Boy with same nose condition as Boris Johnson still waiting for NHS op

Pinocchio Boris Johnson
Young Pino Cchio with his dodgy nose

The family of a young boy say it is unfair Prime Minister Boris Johnson jumped the queue for his nose operation this week.

Pino Cchio, an eight-year-old who moved to the UK from Italy last summer, has suffered from extending nose syndrome all his life.

It is the same condition that has afflicted Mr Johnson since childhood but became worse over the past few years.

While the PM was able to be in out of hospital after only a few hours for his treatment this week, young Pino is still wondering when he might be treated.

“It seems it’s one rule for Boris Johnson and quite another for the rest of us,” complained Pino’s guardian, Lorraine Fisher, 34.

“Quite how the Prime Minister managed to get his op done this week is a mystery.

“We can only assume his extending nose syndrome was getting drastically worse.”

It is unknown exactly what causes the nose to extend outwards from the face. But medics confirm it does have something to do with a complete inability to tell the truth.

Meanwhile, young Pino is still waiting for the call from his local hospital to repair his nose with surgery.

He told friends: “I can move, I can talk, I can walk. But I can’t seem to get off the NHS waiting list.”

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