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‘Killer’ clown craze hits Norwich as woman attacked

Ed Balls clown attack in Norwich

By Hugh Dunnett, Crime Correspondent

The “killer” clown craze sweeping Britain plunged to new depths when a woman was attacked in Norwich in broad daylight yesterday.

Dawn Smith was out shopping in Norwich market when a man dressed as well-known clown Ed Balls jumped out of nowhere, grabbed her around the neck from behind and dragged her to the floor.

Our exclusive photo, snapped by shocked passing shopper Bubba Spuckler, from Dereham in Norfolk, shows the horrific attack in progress and has now been passed to Norfolk Police.

A spokesman said: “This clown craze has gone too far. It started as a joke but it really is quite sinister when a clown appearing to be Ed Balls attacks a woman in the city centre.

“We are sure it is not Mr Balls, however – he has not been seen in Norwich for months, even though he is chairman of Norwich City FC.”

But investigations by this newspaper indicate the Ed Balls clown could, in fact, have been Ed Balls after all. Our man doorstepped the Strictly Come Dancing studios and tracked down Mr Balls, who is “starring” in the show… and found him wearing the same evil green and yellow clown costume.

He insisted: “I did not drag down that woman. The only thing I have dragged down is the British economy and Norwich City FC.”

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