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Claudia Schiffer bathes in Adnams beer to keep young

By Iona Diamond, Fashion Editor

Supermodel Claudia Schiffer bathes in Adnams beer to keep her skin beautiful, the Suffolk Gazette can reveal.

The 45-year-old German star, who lives in a mansion near Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, fills her bathtub with Southwold Bitter at least once a week believing it keeps her skin young-looking, and also gives her famous blonde hair a brilliant shine.

And if she has endured a particularly stressful week she will use Adnams’ stronger Broadside beer for a stronger effect.

A pal said: “Everyone always asks Claudia how she manages to look so young. Well, this is her secret and she’s been doing it for years.

“She is very careful not to drink any of the beer while enjoying a soak because that could be dangerous.”

claudia schiffer beerBeer beauty: Claudia Schiffer (CC 2.0)

The friend said Claudia, 45, stumbled across the beer treatment accidentally – when someone spilled a pint over her at the local pub near their Stanningfield home.

“This bloke was very apologetic, and Claudia was good about it and did not make a fuss. However, later that day she noticed the skin on her arm was glowing and looking years younger.

“The next week she did some research and then tried a whole bath of Adnams, and to her amazement it worked. She is very careful to drain the bath before her kids get near it.”

adnams brewery suffolkLegendary home of the Adnams Brewery in Southwold, Suffolk (CC 2.0)
Adnams is famously brewed in the Suffolk seaside town of Southwold.

Men and women across Suffolk and beyond swear by its mystical powers when drinking it in pubs like the Greyhound in Ipswich. Landlord Dan Lightfoot admitted: “But this is the first time we have heard of anyone taking a bath in it.”

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Suffolk Gazette said: “Our Editor did try repeatedly asking Claudia if he could visit and take a photograph of her in the bath. The police have been in touch.”

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