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Man discovers baths are getting smaller but still cost the same

Baths smaller

A Suffolk man is furious after making the extraordinary discovery that baths are getting smaller.

Steve Walshe, 42, from Woodbridge, says the news is another example of greedy businesses increasing profits by downsizing without telling consumers.

He revealed: “When I was a kid, the bath was huge and I used to be able to stretch out and immerse myself underwater.

“Nowadays I need to sit up, and if I try to lie back my legs have to go on top of the tub, next to the taps.

“This is a disgrace, because bath makers are simply making them smaller to save money on materials, hoping we would not notice.

“They are rinsing us for profit.”

The row follows revelations that some confectionery items, including Toblerone, the legendary Swiss chocolate treat, may have reduced in size on the quiet while still costing the same price.

Lorraine Fisher, 34, of the British Bathtub Makers Association, denied that baths were getting any smaller.

She said: “They have always been the same size, and always will.

“It seems Mr Walshe has ignored the fact it is he who has got bigger, not the bath that has got smaller.”

Consumer expert Nick Haugh added: “Mr Walshe might also be noticing that policemen are getting younger.”

The Suffolk Gazette has previously reported how supermodel Claudia Schiffer baths in Adnams beer to keep her skin looking young, and how a man drowned in a bathtub full of baked beans during a charity challenge.

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