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Woman shunned after finishing Christmas shopping

By Colin Allcabs
Consumer Correspondent

A woman who boasted she had already completed all her Christmas shopping has been shunned by her friends and run out of town.

Judith Pyle-Smith told pals at a charity coffee morning that she had also wrapped all the gifts in glossy paper, tied fabulous red-ribbon bows, and written on delicate home-made name tags.


And to add insult to injury, the Suffolk mother-of-three then posted a status on Facebook saying she could now sit back and relax while the rest of Britain gets increasingly frenzied in the coming months.

But Pyle-Smith is not smiling now, after her friend became incensed by her smug behaviour.

“She’s just a show-off,” one of her former friends told us. “It’s been the same every year. She thinks she’s so clever getting all her bits and pieces together over the summer while the rest of us leave Christmas shopping to the last minute and end up panicking.

“She’s clearly got way too much time on her hands.”

Ho bloody Ho: keen shopper was shunned

Pyle-Smith, 33, has now been unfriended by everyone on Facebook and been barred from her social circle in Ipswich.

She is now selling up and house-hunting in Norfolk.

“I’m confused,” she told the Suffolk Gazette. “I thought I would be an inspiration to busy mothers everywhere and people would love to hear how clever and efficient I have been.

“I didn’t even get a chance to tell them that I had already booked next summer’s holiday.”

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